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Horse Heartbeat
Daddy Will You Marry Mommy
Mommy Will You Marry Daddy?
Keep Calm And Swim
Fight For Your Right
Boxing Smart People Sport
Swimming Contest Sperms
Swimming No Problems
Just Keep Swimming
Free Boxing Lessons
Save Our Nature
Tree Hugger
I See Dumb People
Officially Grumpy Old Man 50
Not 40 But 18 With 22 Years Expe
Today Is Runday
Astronaut In Outer Space
I Have Two Daughters
I'm Not Not Lazy
Cranky With A Touch Of Psycho
Stop Following Me
Life Has It's Ups And Downs
Engineer Defenition
I Don't Sweat I Sparkle
Hangry Definition
Don't Talk To Me In The Morning
Alcohol Is A Solution
Drone Ninja
Stop Swaering But I Cunt
Endless Possibilities
Nope Not Today
Explaining Why I'm Right
Always Sarcastic
You Are Still Talking
I'd Rather Be In Bed
Hatchi - Broken Egg
Cat And Birds
This Shirt Was Tested On Animals
Howling Fox
Intelligence Adapt To Changes
Don't Look At Me
I Wasn't Listening
I Don't Like People
Still Fabulous At 70
Still Fabulous At 40
Vintage 2000 Perfection
Vintage 1998 Perfection
Vintage 1988 Perfection
Vintage 1978 Perfection
Vintage 1968 Perfection
Vintage 1958 Perfection
Vintage 1948 Perfection
Superpower Drinking
Drone Pilot
I Don't Have Any Faults
I Don't Have Any Faults
But First Nap Time
It's A Drone Thing
I Am Amazing
Happy Birthday 70
Happy Birthday 60
Happy Birthday 50
Happy Birthday 40
Happy Birthday 30
Happy Birthday 20
Happy Birthday 18
Are You Childish?
Evolution Of Office Workers
Lifting Thats What I Do
Running Out Of Fucks
I May Be Wrong
My Fluffy Butt
Beware Of Penguin Lady